Still smiling about driving😁

Today was a cold and blustery day. Well, up in the mountains at least. We started the day in the south and ended the day in the east. We mostly traveled but we did stop a lot to look at signs and glaciers, but there were two big stops of the day. One of them was to look at the huge volcano called Hekla, and the other was to hike up into the mountains right beside a glacier and look down on it. There’s not much to the Hekla stop but it was really cool looking at the bottom of the volcano and wondering where the top is. The hike was right next to the largest glacier in Europe, which is called Vatnajökull. The hike took a total of two and a half hours, 8 km, and for me it took about 20,000 steps to complete and I also did 150 ‘staircases’, I know this because I have a Fitbit. The hike was very beautiful with the bottom area being covered with vegetation and the top of the mountain was very barren and the rain whipped us like it was hail because the wind was blowing very hard. We camped tonight at Höfn, and it wasn’t windy!


Not Very Interesting Day
Today was a very slow day, we finally left the campsite at 10:00 after our very good rest because there was no wind unlike the night before. The main industry of Höfn was fishing, so we went down to the harbor and saw a small boat being unloaded by a crane. There was a cafe by the road that we were driving on, that was called the Viking Cafe that said in the lonely planet that it had good ratings. It had a filmset of a viking village on its property and it was going to be used next year. At the cafe I had a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. The scenery when we were driving was the same almost the whole way, mountains that had scree slopes, Icelandic sheep wandering in twos or threes along the sides of the roads, and ocean. In Stödvarfjördur, most Icelandic names are hard to pronounce, we found a house and garden that had thousands of rocks on the property, it claimed that it was the house of Petra, a collector of all sorts of things, but mostly rocks. There was only one restaurant in town so it kind of decided where we were going to have dinner. We had booked a hotel in a different city so we drove about half an hour to it and slept.


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