Getting over jet lag

August 19-20th
Day one/two was a little hectic. Our flight left at ten o clock at night, pacific time, and took five hours to the Washington Dulles airport for an eight hour layover before we continued on to Iceland. It was another six hours and we arrived at one in the morning, but our baggage was one plane behind us, so our bags actually arrived at ten in the morning, instead of one. I am jet-lagged and tired so I can’t write a lot right now.


August 21st
Today we went on a driving tour around the southwest peninsula of Iceland. I woke up at around 10:00 in the morning and we left at about 10:30. Half an hour in, we got to a place to hike. We were thinking that it would take about half an hour to an hour tops. Well, it turns out that it took two hours for us to do the hike and we only did 3/4 of it. We had to rush back from the hike because we had to make it to the Blue Lagoon by 1:45 and it was already 1:00. The Blue Lagoon is basically a hot spring with a spa/lounge thing added on to it.


We were there for two hours until we got tired of the water. We stopped for supper at a small cafe overlooking the waterfront and the harbor. I had vegetable soup, tea, and a meringue. The cafe was run by a family and they gave us some instructions to get to the oldest lighthouse in Iceland. We also learned that Iceland is part of two different tectonic plates, the North American plate and the Eurasian plate, which makes it a very volcanically active place. There are about 55 tectonic plates including micro-plates on the Earth. After the lighthouse we went back to our hotel and ended another day in Iceland.



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