Japan Part 2

On my trip to Japan with LYSCO, and LYSCO’s Japanese counterpart YOCCA, we got the experience of going to school for three days. Which was an extraordinary opportunity. For starters its nothing (okay, well a little bit) like middle schools in the US or Canada. They do have school five days a week, and a […]

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Japan: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago 19 Livermore area students and I traveled to Japan on an exchange program with the Livermore Yotsukaido Sister City Organization (LYSCO). (oh, I almost forgot, there were also 17 chaperones/delegates too). Our sister city is Yotsukaido, in the Chiba Prefecture. For an easier frame of reference, it’s an hour east […]

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I am disappointed with souvenirs. The purchasing of souvenirs started out as a great idea, a way to remember something you did with a physical object. Now, they’re just something you buy on a trip and forget about the minute you come home. The word souvenir originated in France, around 1775 from the word subvenire, […]

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Biking in San Francisco

Biking is something that I enjoy a lot. I believe that it’s a great way to be outside, like you’re on a hike, but you get to see more because you’re going at a faster pace. Recently, my parents and I went biking in San Francisco and I found it dissimilar to what I’m used […]

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Reflecting Back

I’ve had the rare opportunity to travel a lot in my early life, and I thought it’d be a good idea to look back at it. Look back at it and see not just where I’ve been, but what I felt about it. All the way up to when I was 11 years old, I […]

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Crater Lake

Crater lake is located in southern Oregon in Crater Lake National Park. I hope this blog educates people who don’t know what Crater Lake is, and hopefully gives more to the people who already know about it. It is a mostly circular lake with a cinder cone island near the western edge called Wizard island. […]

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