The Globe Theatre

On May 3rd, 2016, my mum and I went to the reconstructed Globe Theatre. I thought it was very different and better than other plays I’ve seen. We saw A Midsummer Nights Dream, which is a comedy. At the beginning of the play, the actors talked about safety, not unlike the safety talks when you are at a concert, play, music festival, etc. It was hard to tell if they were being sincere. At the beginning they said, “In case of a fire, please make two clear aisles to the exits so the actors can exit first.” because “actors behave differently than normal people, they are more dramatic and will be posting pictures on Twitter of themselves with the fire.” The rest of the play also had lots of jokes and some weird parts in it, which I thought was very enjoyable.

The building itself was also amazing. The people who reconstructed the globe have tried to make it as close to the original building plan as possible, including a thatched roof, which is the only one in London, due to fire hazards. They also tried to build it on top of the old theatre, but there is a block of flats already on top of it. One of the main differences is that in the new theatre, you’re more likely to drown then be killed by fire because in the building there is a modern sprinkler system. The stage of the new globe theatre might not be the same as in the old one, because there are no known records, so the re-creators made an educated guess. I would totally love to go back there and see and other play because it was captivating, funny and incorporated the audience.



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