Reflecting Back

I’ve had the rare opportunity to travel a lot in my early life, and I thought it’d be a good idea to look back at it. Look back at it and see not just where I’ve been, but what I felt about it.

All the way up to when I was 11 years old, I didn’t realize how big going to Canada was to other people. I thought everyone had left the country at least once in their life. When I came back from Iceland, I saw how wrong I was. Many people haven’t been out of the country at all, and some not even out of state. It changed how I saw the world, from a huge place you’ll never get to see, to a place, not as big, and full of opportunity. After that trip, I resolved myself to treasure each day as it is, not as I want it to be because going out of the country is a special experience for me.  Through my travels I have seen many new places, learned new things, met people with different perspectives and still keep in contact with some of them.

Some of those experiences I will keep with me forever. Like climbing on a glacial erratic, and sliding down the very glacier that moved that erratic. It was also where they filmed Hoth in Star Wars! Also, in Split, Croatia, the water level was so high it flooded the basements of the palace there, but they just built on top of it, which I found funny, and it showed that the people had an unwillingness to move elsewhere. I will definitely remember climbing 2,048 or so steps in Kotor, Montenegro with a time of 36 minutes. My Fitbit racked up a lot of stairs that day and I just recently topped that record. Along with those experiences, there are many more that I will cherish and remember forever as I move along in my life.



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