Backpacking at Point Reyes

On December 1-3, 2015 my mum and I went backpacking at Point Reyes National Seashore. I would have preferred if we had gone with some other people, but hey, it was still awesome. We live in California, one-hour inland of San Francisco so it only takes about two hours driving north for us to get to Point Reyes. Before we headed onto the trail we had lunch and got ready. To get to the campsites you have to walk, so there weren’t any trailers or motorhomes, unless someone carried them in on their back. My favorite part was the meals; I thought they were all delicious. People always say that food tastes better when you are camping because you actually WORK for it, you don’t just sit around while a microwave does it for you and I agree with them. (Just for the record, my family virtually never uses our microwave for food, but it’s great for heating up hot packs.) In the morning we had oats and apples; lunch was lettuce, meat and crackers; dinner one night was pasta, and the other night was soup and instant curry. My least favorite part about the whole trip was how dark it got. At 6:30, it was literally pitch black. In the evenings we played rummy and went to bed at 7:00. I think it was good that we got to bed at 7:00, because the next day we went on a hike that took seven hours and we walked nine miles. I did 30,000 steps that day and got a new badge on Fitbit. The best part was when we were just starting because: 1) I wasn’t tired 2) We were in a miniature rainforest, and 3) It was downhill. We had lunch on the beach and sat around for a while after. When we were packing up, we spotted four bottlenose dolphins. At the time, we thought they were Minke whales, but we talked with a ranger and found out differently. Both mornings it sprinkled a bit, and the weather forecast had said that it would rain quite heavily the second morning. Thinking that, we packed up quickly the second morning. When we were about to go back to the car, we were wondering if we needed our rain coverings for our backpacks, it was only sprinkling, but right when we headed out it started to RAIN. So, we thought it would probably be best if we got our pack covers on. When we got to the car we were absolutely soaked, and had to wring our jackets out. The whole point of the trip was so I could be schooled and so we could have fun. I think it worked.


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