Plane rides are interesting. They take me places, I’ve heard they make people sick (although I’ve never felt that myself), and they are usually extensive because we live on a biggish planet (well, at least it feels like it, but if you look at other planets, or stars, we are minuscule). Regarding layovers, people usually don’t like long ones because they don’t want so sit in the airport for a long time. On the other hand, if you have multiple flights with short layovers and then one of those flights is delayed, you’re screwed. I missed my flight from Heathrow to Athens but the airline was good about giving us a hotel for the night since they couldn’t reschedule until the next day. One of the best things about planes is that they can take people almost anywhere they want to go, except into the ocean or underground, unless the people want to crash. My favorite part of the ride is when we are landing or taking off. I really like the feeling of slowing down or speeding up fast, and the part where you touch down. When I am in the airport, I feel like it is very straightforward with all the new technology these days, although I’ve heard that other people have a difficulties with it (it helps to read the signs, even if you are stressed out). All of the flights were enjoyable because I ate, watched movies, played games, slept, and looked out the window. Now that we have arrived at our destination, I am now in a whole new adventure.image


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