For me, WWOOFing is one of the most different things I’ve done on this trip. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is an organization that organic farmers join. It puts them in a place on a website where people can sign up to work for a certain number of days. In exchange, the workers get room and board. Really it gives you quite a bit more then just room and board. You get to meet new people, make friends, and do local activities.

In my experience on a farm in Greece, we went to our farmer’s parent’s house and had an excellent dinner, played lots of games with the farmer’s sister, and went to a local taverna to listen to live music. There were a lot of different things about living on a farm. Instead of going to the grocery store, we went out to the garden to pick fruits and vegetables for salads. The water was solar heated so on cloudy days you don’t have warm water for showers, but she has electricity for backing up heating. We also couldn’t put toilet paper down the toilet, which has been common for us throughout Greece. It didn’t take much getting used to, but hey, it’s different from the usual for me. I also liked the work we did. We swept leaves off our farmer’s driveway, gathered olive branches, from previous pruning, and burnt the olive branches and other piles that were already gathered in big fires. I really like it when stuff blows up (mythbusters and my favorite book “what if” tend to destroy a lot of stuff), so burning the piles was very invigorating.



3 thoughts on “WWOOFing

  1. 1. Don’t they have issues with air quality from burning?
    2. So, how do you deal with the toilet paper?!
    3. Love the pics! Any chance we could see some of the fresh vegetables you mention?!
    4. How many hours per day do you contribute to the farm?


    1. I’m not sure, but lots of people do it every year, so I think there is a problem with the air. We put the toilet paper in a garbage pail. Hmm, I’ll ask my mum, she took food pics, I’ll post them in the next blog. We did about 5-6 hours a day. Hope the answers the questions!


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