Greek Food


My favorite Greek food right now is gyros. I’ve heard they’re pretty popular in North America and are one of our friend’s favorite foods. There is one thing different about them in Greece though, and that is that they put French Fries in them, which I think is delicious.

Some of the foods that I haven’t had at home are, gigantos beans, souvlaki, horta (cooked greens, except we don’t know what they are in English, but they’re spiky when raw), real Greek salad and Greek coffee. Speaking of coffee, my mum had her first cup of coffee in her life about a week ago, and it was Greek coffee which is a lot stronger than regular coffee.

Other differences that I’ve noticed are, at the end of every meal at a restaurant, you get a complimentary treat. Also with a drink at coffee shops, you get some cookies to go with it. They are usually small, but they’re good. I really like Greek food and feel healthy eating it.



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