The Globe Theatre

On May 3rd, 2016, my mum and I went to the reconstructed Globe Theatre. I thought it was very different and better than other plays I’ve seen. We saw A Midsummer Nights Dream, which is a comedy. At the beginning of the play, the actors talked about safety, not unlike the safety talks when you […]

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Fortified Towns

Right now we’re visiting a lot of Medieval fortified towns. Medieval fortifications evolved over their time in use. Fortifications started out as mounds of earth to protect villages from wild animals and the occasional raid. When more and more towns wanted to have larger amounts of ‘territory’ (typically the nobles) the fortifications increased to withstand […]

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Two days it not enough to learn everythingĀ about a country. We were in the capital city, called Tirana, so my impressions might not be correct for the whole country. We did take a bus to get there and to the next destination so we saw at least a little of the countryside. Albania looks like […]

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On to the next leg of our journey! My dad has arrived and now we are continuing on to Macedonia, and then working our way up to Italy in three short weeks. Macedonia, feels almost exactly the same as Greece, the general energy that you feel, building materials, and center squares all are alike. Although […]

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Greek Food

My favorite Greek food right now is gyros. I’ve heard they’re pretty popular in North America and are one of our friend’s favorite foods. There is one thing different about them in Greece though, and that is that they put French Fries in them, which I think is delicious. Some of the foods that I […]

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For me, WWOOFing is one of the most different things I’ve done on this trip. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is an organization that organic farmers join. It puts them in a place on a website where people can sign up to work for a certain number of days. In […]

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Winter in Santorini

I have to say, when it is winter in Santorini, it is a lot quieter than in the summer. We haven’t been to Santorini in the summer but lots of residents say it is crazy busy then. The reason it is quiet for us is because we are in the super low season and because […]

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