Census Data

On October 27, as a member of the 4-H Genealogy project I went to the de Young Museum to see the exhibit “Beautiful Data”. When we arrived, the exhibit was closed and we thought it would open later, so we went to have lunch and see some of the other exhibits in the museum. At […]


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The Final Countdown

To Copenhagen Breakfast today was very busy, probably because we got up later than we did the other day. Svetlana and Vivian were not there so we still had to come back for a second breakfast so we could talk about when we were leaving for Copenhagen. Unlike the bus coming to Billund, which came […]

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Most of Denmark

Skagen It was hard to sleep last night because the thumping of the engine was really loud and annoying. When we did finally get to port, we arrived early, but were not let off the boat early because the people on land were not there. The town where we moored is called Frederickshavn, it is […]

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Museums, Museums, and More Museums I don’t actually remembered what I had for breakfast because it was probably the same as every other breakfast that I had. We had gotten a bus pass last night, so we had free access to all the buses. We also got an Oslo City Pass which would let us […]

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We went to Finse today! I was so excited to get there, but the train wasn’t leaving until 3:59pm and I woke up at 6:30am. We did finally get out of the hotel at 9:30 and went to drop our bags off at the train station, so we wouldn’t have to carry them around all […]

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Moving On

871+-2 Museum day in Reykjavik! The breakfast at the hotel wasn’t the best but it was good enough for breakfast. The city centre in Reykjavik is quite small, so we walked. The first museum that we went to was the National Museum, I got an audio guide so I didn’t have to read everything, I […]

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Back to Reykjavik

Sitting day Today it was mostly sitting. We didn’t do any sightseeing at all, unless you include going out in the rain to look at abandoned puffin burrows. Puffins are on land only four months of the year, the rest of the time they are out in open ocean. The place where we were staying […]

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The Ring Road

Icelandic Horses Today was a horse day. We went on a tour around the mountains of Iceland – which, are not really mountains, but dormant volcanoes – on Icelandic Horses. I stress the Icelandic horses part because there is only one breed of horse on all of Iceland, the Icelandic one. The reason there is […]

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Getting over jet lag

August 19-20th Day one/two was a little hectic. Our flight left at ten o clock at night, pacific time, and took five hours to the Washington Dulles airport for an eight hour layover before we continued on to Iceland. It was another six hours and we arrived at one in the morning, but our baggage […]

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